19.05.19, by Laura Booth

Do not dress rehearse tragedy, there is no need. Either you suffer over what never does become or you gift yourself double the pain to try and ease. If there is to be a performance this evening starring yourself and tragedy then carry yourself through, you know exactly what to do. For you have played this role many times before, hold weight in the fact that this is not eternal and the curtain shall fall.

Know that you have no control in decisions that are made beyond your own doing, if your world is to shatter there is no stopping that action but your reaction is always down to your very own creation. And that choice holds your power, it is how you are seen and are heard. Allow that response to stem from your best of self this is vital, for you never know who is listening, there is someone who looks to you for your wisdom.

A flower can be planted in the ideal soil, but if the sky does not offer rain then she shall not grow. All she can do is seek nourishment from nearby until the rain chooses to fall. And if the rain does not fall she will still grow just perhaps beyond what we know as the superficial, physical form. As she shall gain an ability to sit within the uncomfort of her deep thirst and that holds more than any petals worth.


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