Your Stepping Stones, by Laura Booth

Yesterday I was working at the NSCD open day and one particular conversation that I had with two prospective students and their parents has really stuck with me. One of the parents was concerned that due to the intensity of the course, would it be a waste of three years and a degree if their child decided after training that they didn’t want be a dancer. The words that came out of my mouth in response were a little like this:

If you study a degree in English Literature you don’t limit yourself to only being an ‘englisher’. You take the skills you’ve learnt over the period of time that you were studying and apply them to a career (or careers) that you are passionate about. So why would you define or limit yourself to only being a dancer if you studied a degree in dance?

Some people who study english become an author, a poet, a script writer or a journalist – others become a teacher, start up their own business or work within human resources and some will become an events managers, work in advertising or any other field they want to work in, all be it with some further studying if the field is very specific.

Similarly a lot of us want to become dancers, choreographers, teachers, work for companies or create our own companies but we are not limited to only that. In three years we gain a vast amount of skills and just as we are able to transfer these skills from one class to the next we are able to transfer these skills into an array of careers – dance related or not.

Before you are anything else you are a human, forget expectations, your degree is a stepping stone. You are allowed to chose the direction that you step in and where that takes you to, it is more than okay if you don’t exactly know where you are heading towards.


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