Fourth Eye, by Harriet Batty

What I’m about to say is just metaphorical, but still something to think about…

So people always talk about the ‘third eye’, which is between your eye brows. The purpose of this eye as one of the seven chakras is to access a space/realm of enlightenment and wisdom. You could open your third eye to access your inner guidance from deep within your being.

Now trust me on this one…

Today between rehearsals I noticed my whole attention of myself was been channeled through a split on my little toe. I was thinking and feeling about things through this point in my body. Just like when you have a niggle and injury and you move whilst being constantly aware of your pain, and using this as a starting point for movement or thought of movement.

As I was conscious of this peculiar awareness I was having through my pinky toe, I began to wonder, what if there was a fourth eye? An eye that travels, usually towards tension, pain or negative thoughts; because quite often when we have these negative sensations, we are focused on them all the time, usually without being conscious of it. So if this was named as a fourth eye, a fluid eye, that activates itself in these situations, it would make sense why these things, these niggles or injuries affect our whole being. Because we are living, seeing, and feeling through this fluid eye that homes itself wherever negative sensation is at one time.

If we start to become aware of this state of being, like I did with my pinky toe, maybe we can realise that this pain or thought is just one area of our whole being; and because we are living our whole being through this one area, we may start to feel consumed by it.

By becoming aware of this eye, we can realise that so much more of us is not feeling this negative sensation, in fact its feeling great maybe. Whether that’s an emotion, a strength, a non sore muscle (for once), I can guarantee you somewhere in your body-mind there will be a positive sensation. If we could move our fourth eye towards our positive sensations and thoughts, we could live our life through this place. Because only then will we be in the right place to give love and positive attention to the places that need it.

Now I know this all sounds totally bizarre, but maybe, just maybe, if we start to use this metaphor as a tool to become aware of when we are letting these negative sensations consume the rest of our being, and our mind is making us think this pain is surrounding our whole body; we can then have the power to flip this on its head. So in fact, this pain is not surrounding our whole body. This pain is surrounded by so many positive things and that this pain is just one part of our whole existence.

So lets use this fluid eye, to channel our thoughts through a positive space and help the parts of us feel this positivity too. It might just make it feel a little better.

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