To those who give their all to others, by Laura Booth

If your heart can feel beyond its own boundaries then I plead with you to be cautious. There is such beauty in your ability to feel so intently, your joy radiates from one human to the next. But the pain you feel stabs too closely to your chest. Resist the urge to mend and to fix all the damage you observe. Regardless of what you feel it is not your responsibility to fix the broken, you cannot save those around you, you can only be a counterbalance. Trying to be anything more is a disservice to you both. After their first stumble, if you insist on being the one who lifts them back up every time they fall then they will never learn how to stand on their own. Though you may wish to take it all away, you must allow those around you to feel and process their pain.

Be wise and be aware, for there will be people who attempt to take advantage of the kindness you share. We need your kindness; there are few souls as selfless as your own. But do not throw it carelessly as if it were confetti, because those who are takers will take until you have no pieces of yourself left to hold. And at some point you must question, for the mass of kindness you have shared what have you been offered in return. We need not to live in a world expecting constant transactions. But if you are drained down to your feet and those around you are still asking for more, then perhaps you should reconsider and step no further.

Ensure you know how to hold your heart in your own hands before you pass it onto another. Your heart is precious, one that can feel so very deeply, but like any container there is only so much it can hold. Therefore, boundaries must be set. And that may feel uncomfortable at first, but it does not mean you do not care or you are not there. It means you speak your words with only those who will listen. Offer your heart to those who won’t purposely drop it. And gift your kindness to those who are grateful for it. You cannot always know the shaded side of every soul which may mean a game of chance, but in that playing be aware that once you give a piece of yourself, it cannot be taken back. So do consider that and before you throw your confetti sky high perhaps just hold back.

It is not about not living or loving; it is about doing so with those who are worthy of your time. It is about protecting yourself, a heart willing to give so much without any boundaries can only become self-destructive. It is about not giving it all away and savouring some for yourself. It is about being there for others but not having to hold the responsibility of putting them back together. It is about saying no and not having to justify why. It is about not get stuck giving too much. It is about, for once, just allowing yourself to be the priority of your own life, and not punishing yourself for that fact. It is reaching the arms you offer to others around yourself. You would not hand someone an empty glass to drink from, so why are you living in a drought.



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