Words on Courage, by Laura Booth

Allowing yourself time and space to sit within yourself and to work on yourself takes great courage. Often this is not easy and should not be underestimated. But know that you have proved yourself as courageous many times before.

Think back to the moment your little hands and knees drew up and away from the ground for the very first time. It took every single ounce of courage that you could possibly find within yourself to take that first step, but you managed. You probably fell down quite quickly. But the taste of that step left you hungry for more. So you took rest and tried again until walking became your norm. Consciously, you may not remember this moment but your body does with every step you continue to take.

Be grateful for the courage that you held within yourself as a child and know that child lives within you today and everyday. On the days where challenge and self doubt arise, trust the child within you to lighten your mind. If it wasn’t for them having the courage to reach their fingertips beyond the ground then you would not be where you are today. Today, walking is your norm. So walk hand in hand with your younger self and every part of yourself. Take care of the child within you, their fears are your fears, their needs are your needs, they are the foundation of everything you are.

Know that you hold all the courage you need to stand your ground and be exactly who you wish to be. It all starts with allowing yourself to take that first step. If you are to fall, which you will at times, take rest and try again. Be courageous enough to try. Be courageous enough to not succeed on your first attempt, and still hold value in yourself. Be courageous enough to stop standing in your own way.

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