To those who find their trust falls short before them, by Laura Booth

If the earth can hold trees, which grow beyond your gaze, then it can hold you too. Drop your feet, drop your feet into the ground and let them be embraced. Allow yourself to be held. Allow yourself to be supported and be the ground for others but only for those who would walk with care. You are precious, more so than you are aware. Trust in your worth. Trust that the earth has a space for, that space is for you and only you to build upon and sit within. Your senses know the way, let them speak. Connect with those who you can be your most joyous, most vulnerable, authentic self with. They are the ones who should be in your life and trust that they will be there. Hold trust in rhythm and timings, nature knows. Trust the process and trust that it will look like no one else’s. You don’t need to change that, value your individuality. Lean into the messiness, the struggles, the confusion and know that you will make mistakes, lots of them. But trust that someday you will find the learning within them. Trust that you’ve always known, you’ve just not been ready to know until now. You have never not survived before. Therefore you have every reason to take all the trust you hold and return it to yourself. You never needed to lose it. So trust yourself, let it all go. Trust yourself and allow yourself to be held by the earth. Just like the trees you see rooted deep, and soon one day you will soar just like the birds who fly between those trees.




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