The Part of Me that is my Knee, by Laura Booth

Last week I hurt my knee. Or let’s say that the pressures I was putting my knee under (both physically and mentally) finally came to a head, well to my kneecap. It was very swollen, red, hot, generally pretty unhappy and I kept thinking:

‘I can’t be bothered with having a bad knee right now.’

‘It hurts, why does it have to hurt?’

‘I don’t have time for you to be sore.’

I was separating my knee from myself, isolating it out as a negative aspect of my body and talking down to it. And after a few days of pushing against it I met this phrase: the part of me that is my knee.

I like this phrase and it has really stuck with me, so I thought I’d share it. It reminded me of connections. Connections between body parts, from the body to the mind, the mind to the body and us as an entire. We are an entire. Which can easily be forgotten when we are faced with an injury. We label it as the ‘bad’ part of us, single it out when it isn’t working ‘properly’ or as we/others expect it to work.

Of course at times injuries need rest and movement material may require modifying. I like to think of modifications as a way I’m finding an inclusive practice for my entire on that particular day.

I am my knee and my knee is me, so I needed to be collaborating with and not fighting against myself. As soon as we label something negative, it is negative, so it will feel negative.

Tension takes time to build, so tension takes time to leave. Patterns take time to form, so patterns take time to move away from. These are both processes, processes that require an undoing and neither are easy but there is no quick fix that will be beneficial for us in the long term.

I think what I’m trying to say is that we should try to sit with an acceptance of where our body is at for now and hold patience as we move it towards where we desire it to be.


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