The Third Year Crisis, by Anonymous

The year it’s time to step up your game, work harder, play less, improv further.

The year of losing yourself, the reason you started this in the first place, I struggle to remember. The year of intense hard work, injuries, BURNOUT.

The year of rejection, not being able to form sentences with people because you didn’t get it. The year of trying to finish your degree, so close yet so easy to give up.

The year of being lost. Where am I gonna be next year, training, not training, auditioning to train again and again and again.

The year you’ve cried more times in a half term than you did in first year and second year put together.

A year of congratulating your peers on their successes while you have another rejection, but trying to hold it in.

A year of keeping each others head above water-level, the support system you can always rely on.

But, the year of watching each other grow, improve, thrive.

Another year of solos, cheering for each other in the balcony, so proud.

The year where we know what we are doing, we just do it now.

The year of being grown up, about to leave the home that we created and became adults in.

Another year of fighting over your place at the barre, rolling out each others knots and sharing tigerbalm.

One more year of all of this.

The last year.

The year of remembering why you are here.

Remembering why you do this, with these people.


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