Time away, by Harriet Batty

So I’ve just been on a long walk through some fields towards a lake. This lake is somewhere I like to escape to, even just for ten minutes before heading back through the fields towards ‘reality’ again; and it was during the journey back today when I started to feel sad. I was feeling sad about returning to reality, returning to ‘civilisation’, returning to the many notifications on my phone after having it on airplane mode for two hours. I didn’t want to return to this pressure, of constantly having to, or feeling the need to be in contact with people. I didn’t wan to return to the real world, of work, and socialising, and being the human being I ‘expect’ myself to be.

This walk today had been the first thing I’d done for myself, by myself, for about a month now. And it was only today that I realised I was in need of a break from work, the city, from my routine. I gave myself a day off, finally… a day off that I should be giving myself a lot more often.

Walking to this lake allowed me to reflect on things and it allowed me to just be. Just be, and sit with myself for a short time, to think about things other than deadlines and people I need to see and people I need to catch up with. I thought about how happy my dogs looked running around in the fresh air. I thought about how windy it was. I thought about anything and nothing at the same time; and it was so refreshing, so mindful, that I thanked myself for taking time away.

Time away is so precious, and so important to us. We are not put on this beautiful planet to work all the time and stare into a screen. We have to allow ourselves to be a real human. And by real human I mean a human in the real world, away from technology and work and masses of people who pass by you and glaze over your existence on their daily commute to work.

So go away, find nature, even just for an hour or so like I did today. Leave your phone behind, and become the purest version of yourself with no expectation or judgment of what you have to do or who you have to be. It is so important and so rewarding; and the more you do it, the less sad you will become on your journey back.


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