A Note On Improvisation, by Laura Booth

You know that feeling when your body is running in free flow and you are totally in control of how out of control you are. Every breath takes your body to somewhere comforting or somewhere previously unventured. There are no expectations, no aesthetics to fill or nobody to impress – just trust in that your body is going to catch you. It’s you sitting in your body, you moving through your body and you dancing with your body. Possibilities of play are endless and everything is enough. It’s a place to run away from reality, a place to face fears, a chance to be whoever, whatever, wherever you want to be, it’s a space to breathe and just be. There’s no doing, only the undoing of pressure and restrictions. It’s losing yourself to find your feet. It’s honest, it’s raw, a little messy, unpolished, unedited and that is the realist version of you. It holds you and it holds a space for you to hold yourself.


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