In trust we find ourselves, by Ellie Vo

To the ones whom are scared of not knowing what will be next,

What if our life choices are setting us up for self-destruction when the only intention was pursuing something that would make us happy? We are dreaming big. We have high hopes but even higher expectations of ourselves. When we realise that we may never feel good enough compared to our own standards, because we are constantly striving for what ‘will’ make us happy, the wish for a simpler life seems comforting. Simple has no problems. No drama. No challenge… nothing special, no excitement, nothing to make you feel on top of the world. So, it is not really a surprise that we reject the desire for simple. That we are happy to let ourselves down more often than we pick ourselves up again. Is this really the compromise we need to make with ourselves to become happy?

Opportunities can be the ticket we need to be given to get closer to what we believe will fulfill our happiness and contentment in life. What we believe will give us purpose, success… whatever you wish to call it. We do not all get that ticket though. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the same amount of chances to prove themselves worthy of something. Not everyone will be given the same amount of opportunities, consistently within the same period of time. We all know that life often seems unfair and most of the time simply cannot be fair. Although we need to remember that life is not just a one season show. Life has a full year program, different shows to complete different minds. And if there is a year in which we cannot connect with a single show we have been given ticket to, there is no need to stop looking for inspiration, because the next year life will have a new full year program ready for you. To find what is right for you. What will take you into a world more incredible and precious than you could ever imagine… that you may forget that this world is now your world, your life. Maybe just for some months, a couple of years or a lifetime. Until it is time for you to receive your next ticket. Time for you to see through your next opportunity.

We may think that we are running the same race as the people around us. We may think others surpassing us will disable us from crossing the finishing line in time to reach what we are hoping to reach. Not realizing that we have been running a completely different race from the start. So, we have been wasting our energy on the things we cannot change. The things that are out of our control. Maybe our race is set to be of further length. Our goal may be further in the distance or higher or maybe even just so small that it is too hard to squeeze yourself and all your energy through that narrow finish line. Maybe our race requires more strength and resilience. More hills to climb, hurdles to jump over and tunnels to crawl through. Maybe our race is about finding the hidden paths. The ones on which we are forced to learn new skills to keep going. The ones that will benefit us more on the long run than following the signs. The signs set by the people who believe they know best what is right for us. Set by people who believe they know the one and only way to find fulfillment and success.

But when it comes to witnessing another person’s path. How much do we say things to simply make them feel better about themselves? How often are we bending our honest belief and rational thought to comfort them within their weaknesses, failures, worries or fears? How much are we bringing up their hopes, letting them dream, knowing that it will only end in greater disappointment? Disappointment of themselves and everyone who ‘believed’ in them? And we do all this to be kind? Or do we make people with different tickets, in different races, on different paths dependable on our belief of what they are capable of?

Rather than trusting ourselves and helping others to find trust in themselves. So, we can be patient to wait for the next show. So, we do not need signs and a map to find the right paths for our individual journeys. So, we can be happy even when our expectations of ourselves are sky high. In trust, compromises are investments. In trust, we are good enough for ourselves. In trust, we find ourselves.

From the ones whom are willing to find trust in themselves.


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