Poetry in Motion by J.A.B

People, Places, Movement, Spaces,

Beats and rhythms, to different paces,

Shifting, Sliding, Focus, Attention,

“Change! Change! Change! Direction”,

“See the gaps”,

“8 more laps”,

Dodging each other with little toe taps,

“Feel the breeze”,

“Bend the knees”,

In fact, forget that, “knees up please”,

Long sleeve tops, Worn out socks,

When will this bloody warm up stop!

I see a sea of Adidas and never lasting Everlast,

But the pace has changed, it’s not so fast,

The bodies warm, as couples form,

Amongst the confusion duets are born,

“Feel the skin, Feel the skin”

“Maybe it’s more of a muscular thing?”

Torso, Arm, Leg, Trunk,

Smooth, Rough, Heavy, Clunk,

Mixed emotions,

Conflicting notions,

This is a poem, Poetry in Motion.


*This piece was written live as the movement unfolded at 11:00am – 12:30am on 04/12/17, during a class led by Matthew Slater.


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