The end…

Asides from spending the last three years mastering the art of holding in farts, I think it’s safe to say I’ve learnt a thing or two! Northern has been the most incredible experience. There’s been ups, there’s been down, there’s been tears, fears, and lots of beers!

We came here to dance, and dance is what we have done! … but in and amongst all the tondu’s, Plie’s, Pirouettes, Dive rolls, blisters, bruises and so on… I’ve come to realise that its all the other stuff that has made me grow the most. Because even though this journey may be over there are plenty more plies and tondu’s waiting just around the corner. So, here’s to everything else that this school has given us… To the people who just passed by, the ones who have been there from the start and those that left half way, every single one of us in this ‘Northern Bubble’ have given each other so much and have helped shaped us into the next generation of artists, dancers, choreographers, musicians, composers, fashion designers, singers, actors, writers, fitness instructors, bar tenders, FABULOUS QUEENS, policemen, teachers, and well, just, whatever are heart’s desire.  I can safely say that the skills we have learnt over the last three years will lead for the rest of our lives to be as fulfilled as we want in whatever area we choose.

I’ve been so scared to think about the idea of leaving but today when ordering another cheese and tuna panini from joe’s café because yet again I haven’t had the time to get to Aldi, I realised, I will always have these memories and I shouldn’t be worried about leaving because the memories we’ve created together will always be locked away somewhere for the days we need them most.

You couldn’t write the last three years… it was too epic.

So here’s too us… let’s just keep doing what we’re doing…

(NSCD BPA 1 2015/16) ❤

By Jessica Fraulo Ryder


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