Why do people not like books anymore?


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I dislike Kindles. I have a big problem with their systematic technological take over. I personally hold them accountable for the rising prices of books, closing down of libraries and the increased usage of audio books. What happened to the humble paperback? Dog eared cream paper, published in 1965 and still entirely readable.

I like reading well thumbed books. They have a sense of history. Other people have read them, absorbed their contents and lovingly passed them on to someone else to enjoy. Shared enjoyment and information. Transporting people to parallel universes where Emma is setting couples up, the Swallows and Amazons are warring and Bridget Jones is still counting calories. I like my phone, laptop and tv, but I’m putting my foot down on kindles.

As a kid, I used to sit on my window seat and just read. You learn so much from reading. We have been given gifts from the past, knowledge, events and thoughts recorded in language, written down on paper, and bound in books. What would happen if all books had been replaced by web versions and then the cyber world just crashed one day. They would all be lost. There’s no system reboot, you can’t retrieve them from the recycle bin, they are g o n e.

It would be a calamity. Yes, the books on my shelves I may never read twice, but they are there. They are physical objects, in a world where things are increasingly becoming lost in cyber space. I like initiatives like the ‘Little Free Library‘ in America, or where you leave books on the tube for someone else to pick up. Books are a great source of connection, they connect people, but in a most peculiar and physical way.

Technology is great, is moves things on, improves things. Technology = advancement. Yet, I fear that we are too dependent on it, and there is nothing we can do about it. Don’t have a smart phone, sky tv or a hybrid car yet? Well, you are out of the loop. Falling behind in this society where everyone is obsessed with improving things. Making things smaller, lighter, more digital. Everything has to have wifi, because we cannot live without the internet. I, too, am guilty, I cannot stop myself from checking my facebook and emails a bazillion times a day. I do not like it, and yet I am powerless to do anything. Kindles have cameras and an app store. When there’s so many things you can do on kindle aren’t you less likely to read- which is what they were intended for in the first place. Why do we have to over complicate things? Books are not complicated. They are just books, nothing more, nothing less.

I feel, perhaps, this is why I do not like kindles. Books, are the one thing I have managed to hold onto, I have abstained from the digitalisation of stories. People will naturally advocate kindles and how they are an entire library in the palm of your hand amongst other, probably numerous advantages, but for me I’ll gladly take a battered 50p charity shop book any day. A defiant protestation against the growth of technology. The End.

2 responses to “Why do people not like books anymore?

  1. I agree with every single word that you have said in this post; especially with your opinion of why you do not like Kindles.
    Technology is a good thing as it makes the world better, faster and more advanced. However, we are becoming far too dependent on it. Everything is online now and, because of that, it seems like no-one takes the time to sit and read a physical book (not on a Kindle, that does not count as it is not the same experience).

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