The Thinking Corner


Photography by Camille LaGrange

We could give more of a damn about the greater plan. We could be rebellious, but we’re too timid to conjure up some chaos for the politricks, who would become intimidated by the power of many one people.

Leave them to fear as we aspire for better. Some say we shouldn’t because that seeds selfishness. Well I say the only thing which is selfish, is sitting by; we hear it but don’t move or speak, for the sake of our underdog’s life and their hustle.

We are stuck without knowledge of what we are here for, so we allow this ‘reality’ to be our manual of how to live on this land, instead of seeing free will as an unbinding tool.

With a collective mind set of freedom we can all be liberated. It’s what our bodies, minds and spirits need to be if we want to reach our full potential.

Awake to see the horizon which encapsulates you and me. See this horizon as a connecting factor, rather than a landscape of lonely, separate entities. See this horizon as a mass without a void, a full mass pulsing with life.

This one force of life beating with essence inside and out has all answers waiting in it, but where there is separation in this mass there is weakness – and my friend there is separation all over it.

All we can do is try to see past that, end it in our own lives, and let it emanate outwards.

By Akeim Buck


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