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Photography by Josh Hawkins

Photograph By Josh Hawkins


Hello and welcome to Northernisms 🙂

We hope you enjoy what we’ve created so far, and would appreciate feedback so feel free!

Obviously we’re new, and though we’ve already got a lovely little team of contributors, there’s definitely room for more. We will always be on the look out for photographers, designers, illustrators and writers or editors to contribute to the blog. We would like to respresent as wide a spectrum of NSCD’s students, ex-students and staff as possible. Equally, if you know anybody outside NSCD and/or even the dance world, who could add their voice and inspire us all, let them know that it’s open for them to contribute!

The address to send your work to is There is no set format, and few limits, except that we ask that it is interesting, useful, educational or inspirational to our readers! Of course, many of the articles will be dance and arts-related, but you are welcome to draw on whatever other aspects of life get you going. It could be an opinion piece (dancer’s health, political commentary, a particular philosophy, whatever!), or an interview or review (film, theatre, gigs, comedy, all welcome as well as dance) or even a piece of creative writing (poetry, short story – as you like).

If you are interested and would like further guidance – such as notes on how to edit your writing, or just someone to run your ideas past, please email us. We’d love to hear from you. Till then, happy reading! Thanks for being here and having a look.

Love from

Izzy Brittain (Editor)

and all the Northernism bloggers


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